“Sebastian works tirelessly to promote your movie and he will always be your knight in shining armor championing your film. I can say this from personal experience having known Sebastian over the last 30 years—we went to film school together and he told me long ago that he was going to help me make a movie. After shooting my last film on a shoestring budget, I was lost on how we were going to complete it once we ran out of money. We made the age-old mistake of starting production without our full budget. Yes, big mistake. Enter Sebastian.  He rescued the show from filmic purgatory and put us back on the road to completion. Miracle worker—he is! Bottom line is Sebastian's years of experience coupled with his knowledge of the film industry make him truly invaluable.  Thank you, Sebastian, for believing in my movie.”

--Oliver Robins (Celebrity Crush, Poltergeist)


"I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing and working with Sebastian Twardosz for over twenty years. His knowledge, expertise and resources are unsurpassed in this business. He is a tenacious advocate, a reliable confidante, and a true friend. Not to mention, he's worked with some of the biggest and brightest and they all sing his praises. As a filmmaker, you won't find someone more passionate and thorough to work on your behalf than Sebastian Twardosz."

--Ryan Craig  (Small Town Saturday Night)

"Sebastian is as straight-forward and forthright as they come. He has a vast network of connections and respect within the industry and tirelessly pursues each means to a resolved end."

--Darren Miller  (Mission: Impossible I-III, Suspect Zero, Vanilla Sky)

"I have known Sebastian Twardosz since 1995 and have witnessed firsthand his tireless work ethic, passion and enthusiasm for everything in which he chooses to involve himself. He has always been one of my biggest supporters and has consistently made generous use of his voluminous contacts on my behalf over the years. He does not give up on people or projects he believes in -- and nobody works harder."

--Kurt Kuenne  (Batkid Begins, Dear Zachary)  

“Let him do whatever he wants. He knows what he’s doing. Just give him a room and whatever he needs and let him teach.” -- USC Student

“This class is perfect. No one does it better than Sebastian.” -- USC Student

“Everyone needs to take his class!” -- USC Student

“Yes, Sebastian’s class did fulfill my expectations. It actually surpassed by expectations.” -- UCLA Student

“I would actually consider taking this course again.” -- USC Student

I had a lot of fun in Sebastian’s class and I would easily take it again.” -- USC Student

“His feedback is extremely useful and he has great knowledge in the field. All of his advice has already been practical.” -- UCLA Student

“Fun to listen to while you learn. The info you learn is invaluable.” -- USC Student

“I loved learning all of the subjects in class. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed with knowledge that I could not sleep—seriously!” -- UCLA Student

“A great asset to the USC film department.” -- USC Student

“Every film school should have a class like this one. The practical business knowledge helps to dispel the myth of Hollywood and makes the film industry more tangible. I feel I know a lot more about getting a film made now.” -- USC Student

“Sebastian is a great instructor. I would take other classes of his and highly recommend to others.” -- UCLA Student

“I have a much better understanding of how Hollywood operates.” -- USC Student

“Sebastian is a strong and passionate speaker who really brings the course to life.” -- UCLA Student

“Wonderful. Knowledgeable. Entertaining.” -- UCLA Student